Consider Soup

It took me many years to appreciate soup. I guess I was ruined by canned soup in my youth and I could never get excited by it.  I even led a sibling protest to actually call my parent’s bluff, when served canned tomato soup one night.  We sat at the table until bed time instead of eating the soup, BUT we were never given canned tomato soup again.  And yes, some have called me a soup snob because as I grew older and learned to cook, I made all the soups I ate from scratch.  There is no match for bone broth soups and heirloom recipes sourced from trusted friends.  Recently though, I have new admiration for quick homemade soups .  I call them budget busters!

I hate to waste food, and rather than eat something again and again the way it was first made, I would rather transform the food into something interesting and new.  Soups are a great way to do this.  They can be made from anything…left over meats, vegetables, and even bread.

My best resource for researching a soup idea, is Pinterest.  Just simply search the ingredient and the word soup, and it usually brings up a quick recipe.  I call these quick recipes because they are not made from fresh broth that was just simmered for hours, but rather (preferably) frozen, leftover broth or even a decent low sodium broth from a carton or can. 

This week I tried Italian Orzo Sausage Soup.  My targeted ingredient was breakfast sausage links leftover from breakfast one morning.  I took off the casings and heated them up with a little fennel and voila, Italian sausage for the recipe.  (You can find the recipe in my “Recipes to Try” through my Pinterest link, soon to be moved to “My Favorite Recipes”) I added pasta, broth, canned tomatoes and spices, and transformed the breakfast sausage into a very healthy , economical lunch for the rest of the week. It even tasted good too!

The next time you stuck with leftovers, try repurposing them into a new meal, and consider soup.

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